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Over the next few weeks, we are moving you over to the new RealYields 2.0.  Hours of research and feedback have been put into making this next version of our service hand crafted for YOUR needs. And we want to … Read More

Everyone is an expert these days.  Especially in social media.  Open up a twitter account and create a Facebook page and voilà! Let’s cut through the crap and get to the stuff that matters.  Stuff that helps sells properties.  Stuff that … Read More

I’m sure there are more than just these seven, but it’s still an interesting list to look at! Brandon Turner of Bigger Pockets shared The Seven Deadly Sins Of Real Estate Investing on BusinessInsider. Many you probably know and already implement … Read More

There are two things that are certain in the real estate game: 1. Markets go up and down in a cycle. 2. Everyone has an opinion. Joe Light of the Wall Street Journal wrote a piece on the recent market, … Read More

One day every month around 8:30am ET, the nation gets unemployment numbers that help to give us a glimpse of how the economy is shaping up.  And in a Presidential election year, the event gets amplified by all the major … Read More

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